We are fortunate enough to have friends who live in some of Palladio’s most exquisite villas. A day spent driving through the countryside of the Veneto, lunching with one owner and walking through the world-famous gardens of another is an unforgettable experience.

Culturally rich, Verona is alive with superb restaurants and unique designers. We love it at any time of the year but especially in the summer when the opera is in full swing in the Roman Arena. Our fabulous guide Andrea has lived in the Veneto most of her life and her charm can get you access to Roman ruins in the basements of private homes in Verona.

Nudging the Dolomites, the hill town of Asolo with its breathtaking views is known as ‘The City of A Hundred Horizons’. Everyone from Caterina Cornaro to poet Robert Browning and explorer Freya Stark made it their home.