Bellini Travel has fallen in love with Piedmont and has a wealth of discoveries to share with our most discerning clients. The Piedmontese are notoriously shy and secretive which makes Bellini Travel’s assistance even more vital when planning a trip to this fabulous region.

We are friends with some of the finest winemakers, whether Barolo, Barbaresco or Barbera, and can arrange private tastings with many who are strictly closed to the public. Meet the inspirational characters who have brought the region to the world’s attention and visit wineries which have incorporated not only the most modern techniques, but stunning pieces of artwork such as Sol LeWitt’s multi-coloured chapel.

Truffle hunters are a unique breed, creeping through the woodland at dawn and dusk with their beloved dogs. We know the best and most charismatic hunters, who allow our clients to take part in this most secret of rituals to really understand the passion for the ‘noble rot’.

Piedmont is not just about food and wine. Majestic medieval fortresses rise imperiously from the landscape: wonderfully atmospheric on a misty day, many of the castles are home to fascinating collections and most are still in private hands, making an aperitivo with the owner a real pleasure.