Piedmont is known to most people as the land of wine and fine food, yet little mention is made of its diverse and beautiful landscape. This part of Italy is largely untouched by tourism and is in many ways the true Italy, rooted in agriculture and fiercely proud of its culinary heritage.

In the autumn, food festivals take place nearly every weekend, celebrating the regional produce of local farmers and wine-makers. Piedmontese food is typically rustic, with a strong French and Swiss influence due to its location in the north-western corner of Italy.

The most famous delicacy of Piedmont is the tartufo bianco, the white truffle – highly prized by gourmands who travel from all over the world every autumn to enjoy both hunting for what is known locally as ‘white gold’ and to feast on truffles in one of the many superb restaurants scattered throughout the region.

Piedmont also happens to be home to some of Europe’s most acclaimed wines, including the magnificent Marchesi di Barolo. We have access to the finest wineries in the region, including many which do not normally allow visitors outside the trade. And for the courageous, there are many well-respected Grappa distilleries in the area!