Where better to sample la dolce vita than in the Bay of Naples?

The beauty of the landscape and the charm of the climate have entranced visitors since time immemorial. Whether you want to escape to the islands of Ischia and Capri, or to the beautifully wild Amalfi Coast, we can help you get the most from one of the most delectable areas of Italy.

The Amalfi Coast is a fabulous juxtaposition of rugged coastline and enchanting towns. If you choose to stay up high at Ravello, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking views, while the vertically stacked town of Positano offers a more vibrant way of life.

Capri is renowned as the jewel of the Bay of Naples. The key to enjoying this dramatically beautiful island is to avoid the sometimes overwhelming crowds and live life like a true Caprese: dining at its hidden restaurants, some reachable only by boat, and staying at one of the more secluded and idyllic hotels.

“The Day of Judgement, for the people of Amalfi who will go into Paradise, will be a day like all the others”

Renato Fucini