Dramatically situated overlooking a black sandy beach this exquisite palazzo once belonged to Jean Paul Getty, in his day ranked as the richest man in the world.

Getty’s passion for antiques is evident in the beautiful treasures you’ll find all around you: Renaissance furniture, Flemish tapestries, busts of emperors. It is hard to believe that the building used to be an old guest house. Baths are carved from solid blocks of marble, fireplaces are enormous, and during renovations two ancient Roman villas were discovered, now housed in a private underground museum. Stay in the Medici Suite and you will slumber in a gilded bed that once belonged to the Medici family.

Despite all this splendour, the mood of the hotel is reassuringly relaxed. It’s informal, comfortable and wonderfully cocooning. With Rome 40 minutes away this is a place for romantic relaxing. Flop by the large indoor swimming pool that overlooks the sea, wander around the gardens or explore the house itself.

Getty may have stayed here for only 20 days in the whole 20 years he owned it, but you’ll definitely want to stay as long as possible, and, thankfully, his cook stayed on when he sold it and the fantastic food is another tempting reason to stay here.