The Italian coastline offers some of the best sailing in Europe. As well as arranging access to the world’s most luxurious yachts, we can show you where to find the smartest Rivas along the Amalfi Coast, in Venice (obviously), and even on the lakes of the north.

A convertible Alfa Romeo or a vintage Lamborghini is the perfect way to explore the winding, picturesque roads of Tuscany. Our clients receive bespoke leather driving books, replete with hand-drawn maps and recommendations for where to stop for lunch. Alternatively, we have access to the latest Ferraris to roar around Lake Como.

Nothing is more romantic than arriving in a cloud of steam at Stazione Santa Lucia in Venice on board the Orient Express. She hasn’t changed since the days of Agatha Christie: there are still no en suite bathrooms, but that’s beside the point. She is the most beautiful train on the planet, and to sip a martini as Switzerland flies past really is the height of refinement.